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Zen Solutions, Inc. is leading companies on the urgent challenges in the telecommunication industry.

The media branch has always been characterized by rapid changes. Such basic ones, however, like nowadays were seldom. The current challenges need structural changes to a great extent.

Hardly any branch develops as rapidly as the telecommunications branch. In the fixed network sector the main challenges are the alignments to the substitution of fixed network by mobile communication as well as the saturation of the market by overcapacities and margin loss. The marketing of wideband capacities and WLAN spots was so far not as successful as desired respectively is still in its beginnings.

Also the radio paging branch is radically changing after many years of growth and expensive UMTS-licenses - market saturation and cost pressure need new business models. The consolidation process in the telecommunication branch has already started.


 Even defensively considered no company can afford to postpone technological orientation towards the future.


 Zen Solutions, Inc. supports companies of the media branch during the alignment of business processes to new market situations and the company-wide optimizing and coordination. IT-system landscapes available are fine-tuned and your ERP-systems are connected with flexible applications such as Customer Relationship Management and Strategic Enterprise Management by Business Intelligence. With this your business strategy can be connected with the operative business: efficient, consistent, and relevant.


 Over the past two years the competition has visibly tightened. Extremely differentiated customer demands need a more complex and with this more cost-intensive supply. This cost increase on the expenditure side is, however, not covered by increased profit. Instead for several months there has been a permanent price decay of advertising and customer money which makes a quick adaptation of internal processes and cost structures to reality simply important for survival.

Especially the media changes extremely due to digitizing. Former successful business models of traditional companies must be cancelled for new which replace profitable ones because the substitution of so far successful market segments such as Print by the new media has already become reality.


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