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Java 2 Platform, Enterprise Edition (J2EE) is a standard for the development of multi-tier applications for large enterprises. The J2EE platform simplifies application development by basing them on standardized, modular components and providing services to use those components, and by handling many aspects of application behavior automatically, without complex programming.

The Java 2, Enterprise Edition, hereafter J2EE, is one of several industry-adopted, open standard frameworks for Enterprise Computing. Announced by Sun Microsystems in the fall of 1999, the J2EE serves as a specification, a suite of middleware services, and a compatibility test suite which facilitates the building of enterprise-class applications in Java.

On our team we have highly motivated professionals with deep knowledge in business, industry, technical and functional areas. As part of our technology team - application development according to the J2EE standards and the established methodology is a norm. Our Consulting workforce is at the heart of our ability to innovate and deliver results that help create high performance. Our Java professionals can help you design and build high value solutions and thrust you forward in every part of your business. The work done by our Java workforce is a vital part of the value that we deliver to our clients, enabling them to concentrate on achieving success.

"The mission of the J2EE is to provide a platform-independent, portable, multi-user, secure, and standard enterprise-class platform for server-side deployments written in the Java Language."
--Roman, 2000


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