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The Branches of plant and engine construction as investment goods have traditionally faced a volatile market. With a global competition over the past years resulted in a permanent margin pressure and also consolidating a number of market fields. Companies with focused and differentiated drawing ups can still reach attractive reliability goals and realize growth strategies. On one hand companies therefore focused on specific applications and market niches and thus gained competitive advantages by differentiation. On the other hand they worked out cost advantages by standardizing and automation. In case of large-scale projects, especially in plant construction, the project management was professionalized and focused on the economic success of the projects.

Zen Solutions, Inc. works for big and medium-sized companies of the plant and machine construction sector. After numerous strategic questions, as of today, cost optimizing is at the fore. M&A subjects are also discussed, if chances for acquisition or disinvestment requirements are extracted.

A solid ERP-system as well as a reporting co-ordinated with the main operating figures of the company are basic the requirements for carefully prepared decisions in the plant and machine construction.

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