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New technologies are revolutionizing the banking and financeindustry. Financial service providers are becoming universal banks and financial service supermarkets. The banking industry is building new infrastructures and scaling business operations to meet the challenges of the new economy, including an increase in customer service expectations and changes in delivery channels.

Zen Solutions combines the experiences of many information technologies Professionals and industry leading alliance partners to deliver the IT expertise and software applications required helping this industry manage the challenge.

Zen Solutions provides total solutions to the banking industry, with a primary focus on the retail lending market.

The environment in the bank and insurance sector is characterized by increasing competitive intensifying. Here among other things the ability to meet the customer's demands will decide about success and failure.

The innovation cycles for new products and services, which become shorter and shorter additionally, characterize the bank sector. Also for insurances it is a big challenge to realize a long-term, permanent business plan.

Financial service companies have the possibilities to maintain during the current consolidation process and to position or to realize reduction potentials by canceling unprofitable parts of their value chain. Classic core competencies such as sales and distribution, product development as well as process completion must completely be strategically orientated and coordinated with each other. On the market the first market niche providers already appear who specialized in single core competencies.

Zen Solutions, Inc. supports customers in the bank and insurance branch during the optimizing of business processes for the making out of financial accounts for the internal and external accounting.


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