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The basic requirement for successful business activities as producer or trader of consumer goods and services is the understanding of the customer's demands. Afterwards this knowledge must subsequently be used to deliver attractive offers for the market. This basic rule of the consumer goods industry still applies while consumers and the consumer goods market are changing faster and faster.

The structure of the Industry, however, has changed - producer, trader and Service Company find themselves face to face with a new and changing competitive environment.
Consumers are increasingly becoming more complex and more demanding. Thus the success of business strategies cannot be measured by market shares alone.

The decisive factor of success or failures will be whether the producer, trader or Service Company can meet the complete demand of the consumer. Consumer goods producers and complete product range meet competitors who are specialized in certain parts of the value chain.

Thus the challenge is:

· Existence of New orientation within the changed market.
· Recognition of ones own core competencies and extensions
· Passing on of unprofitable parts of the value chain
· Looking for cooperation with partners where mutual use is possible

In such complex environment better use of IT - the simple implementation of a standard software is neither sufficient nor a permanent guarantee for holding the market position. Intelligent IT-systems, which support the business strategy and new business models in a flexible and completely integrated way and connect it with the operative business, are necessary for a competitive business use.
Zen Solutions, Inc. starts with the definition of the strategy within the IT-infrastructure. An integrated process and a software solution can offer support for the task of your business strategy being defined in the IT-system, the business goals being brought down to all parts of the combine and being connected with the operative business.
Most of our customers decide in favors of the product SEM®-Strategic Enterprise Management of the SAP AG.

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